Asset 3Полина Изюмова Гештальт психолог

Polina Izyumova

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist,
Gestalt coach


My name is Polina Izyumova. I’m a psychologist, an accredited Gestalt therapist at the Society of Practicing Psychologists “Gestalt Approach” (by EAGT standards) at the Moscow Gestalt Institute and Gestalt Coach GCC I.

By 2007, I graduated with 2 professions: a secretary – referent and a lawyer with knowledge of a foreign language. My professional career was related to work with foreigners and organization of events.

In 2010 I joined corporate company, where I had personal career growth from specialist to top manager position. I was responsible for 3 divisions and big team more than 60 people spread in different cities and countries. For me, people, relationships between us have always come first.
I understood the importance of the emotional climate in the team and in 2017 I decided to go to study as a Gestalt psychologist. These years of study was invaluable for me and helped in my work as well as in my personal life.

In 2019, I decided to finish my corporate career and at the beginning of 2020 I moved to live in the UK, London

In 2020, I graduated from the Moscow Gestalt Institute (MGI), and in my last year at the institute,
I already started my psychological practice.

In 2021, I was accredited at MGI, received a diploma in psychologist-consultant from the International Institute for Gestalt Analysis and Supervision, and got certification as a GCC I Gestalt coach.

I already had the experience of moving and adapting in another country, I began to prepare for this immigration long before. I am sure that this preparation helped me to cope with many situations and emotions that arose in the process. As a result of this experience, together with a colleague, we created an online support group for emigrants “What are emigrants silent about ?!”. You can read more about the group on online group page. At the moment we are holding this group for Russian speakers. We are planning to start a group for English speakers soon. 

My life is about constant changes, about personal growth, about choosing new paths and the ability to live in uncertainty.


I work in Russian and English languages with people over 18 years old. 

Areas of my professional interests:

– desire for personal growth and changes in life;
– improving the quality of life;
– search for yourself, your purpose and acceptance of yourself new / new;
– improving or looking for relationships;
– desire for career growth or loss of interest in work;
– work with self-esteem;
– adaptation in a new country;
– intercultural marriages;
– age crises;
– family crises (with a partner, with parents, with brothers, sisters).

I don’t work:
– with addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.);
– in cases of established psychological disorders.

All sessions are held in a confidential format.


In person session in London

Individual psychotherapy in London for people over 18 years old, regardless of gender, religion and sexual orientation. My cozy office is located in the center of London.

Online session

Online consultation can suit to anyone from anywhere in the world. This type of therapy has the same effectiveness as a personal psychotherapy. I have been working online since 2019 and have seen the results of my clients, as well as the convenience of online therapy as you can join session from your own space.

Therapeutic walk in London

A form of therapy when we walk around London and we talk. Researches show that physical activity can improve mood. Add to this a conversation about feelings and it's a winning combination.

Group therapy

Online support group "What are emigrants silent about?!" (for Russian speakers at the moment) is for people who are preparing to move or have already moved to a new country. We, together with my co-therapist, help to live through the emotions and experiences that you may face during adaptation.


Suitable for you if you are looking for solutions to move forward towards your goals. We focus on achieving the desired result in the future, without looking back to the past, from here and now with the help of the plan and those resources which are available to you right now and may be available in the future ​.


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